Special thanks to

Mia Groothuis. My soul sister for coming into my life and teaching me to feel and listen to my heart. To become aware there is more between heaven and earth. Thank you for being the fire starter of my self-conscience and awareness of my heart and soul. The awareness of the Universe, of God, Jesus and the Angels.

Ruby Krol. For being my best friend. For being an old soul with a predictive view and relativizing wisdom. Accepting me for who I am. Standing completely and unconditionally without prejudice besides me from the beginning of our long-lasting forever friendship.

Liza Dekker and Annet Nab-Blom. My two rebellion friends and spiritual witches. For always believing in me and taking me seriously. Always being there together on our spiritual explorations of our path to our destination.

Wim & Gonda den Hartog, André den Hartog en Heidi van Nifterik. For our in-depth talks, discussions and mutual respect. For keeping me grounded and accepting my vision, my spirituality, my vulnerability without prejudice.

Estelle van Logten. Who sadly passed away so unexpectedly, and for those still in my life, for accepting me for who I am, with all my flaws, insecurities, doubts, positivity, energy and power.

My family, the father of my child and (ex-)(boy-) friends. For the encounters in each other’s’ lives. For learning al these life lessons and preparing myself for my goal in life.

Cor van den Berg. For having the blind confidence, trust without any doubt and belief in a total stranger. You already said the first time we sat and talked; “out of spontaneous encounters, come the most beautiful things.” You awakened my self-trust and belief in me, myself and I.

Gabrielle Bernstein. Your book ‘The Universe has your back’ made me cry after having read every chapter. Your words were a complete confirmation of my inner knowing and self-conscience. Your words were my words. Your mission is my mission. Thank you for being the kick-starter and my life changer.

Hans Stolp. My big inspirator. For giving these wonderful lectures and publishing your beautiful books.

Last but most certainly not the least of all

Finn Vosselman. My son, my miracle in life and my self-reflecting mirror. My stand-up comedian and my pain in the ass. You make me laugh with tears every day. So glad you already have that awareness and spiritual wisdom at this young age while I got the picture after my 40’s. No matter what, I will always love you, to the moon and back.